Gina Voskov answers 6 questions from the We Are Human Campaign

This month, we chose Gina Voskov as the PACH Member of the Month. Gina is the first teacher that PACH is working with on The Listening Project. She has played a critical role on developing our transformative interviewing curriculum. 

We went into Gina’s classroom to ask her PACH’s six “We Are Human” questions. Here are some highlights from her interview:

  • What do you fear the most in life? “My life since the time I was 10 has been a very good life for all intents and purposes, all good things have come to me, but all the good things are a little tiny bit less good because those people aren’t here, and I don’t want that experience for my daughter. I fear the process of my recognizing that I have only a limited amount of time left to show her the love that I want to give her. And I fear for her the less shiny good part of her life if I’m not there.”
  •  What do you desire the most in life?  ”You know, it’s I think more a feeling than any thing, which is just lightness. Just feeling like nothing is weighing me down, whether that’s regret or guilt or worry or responsibility, I just really want to feel what it feels like not to feel that way.”

Learn more about how she realized she was smart at 23 and her childhood ritual of swearing in a reverend’s house in her full interview in the video above.

More about Gina

Gina is a 7th grade teacher at The United Nations International School. She has taught English, Humanities, Geography, and Advisory in public and private middle and high schools in the United States and in Brazil. Gina is a founding member of the Folger Shakespeare Library National Teacher Corps and has presented at national and international conferences about the Folger approach to understanding complex texts and its intersection with classroom community building, skills development, and students’ self-efficacy. But what really defines Gina is the pride she feels about her New England roots, her fierce love for her daughter Edie and husband Dennis, and her genetic need for daily coffee.