Rebecca Arnold

Rebecca Arnold is a successful creative principal, nature photographer, and she was a certified personal development coach for six years. She founded a photo postproduction company in 2000 working with clients like Beyoncé, Sony Music, and Pepsi. Today over a billion people have seen her creative work. Rebecca is also an international nature photographer and an avid explorer, visiting over 40 countries. She has had installations in Italy, Los Angeles, and in New York City. As a public service she has offered her photography skills to nonprofits in India, Jordan, Brazil and East Africa. She’s partnered with UNICEF, IRC, and the Grameen Foundation. Rebecca is working on a new venture she calls Photographic Green Spaces ™. Bringing her nature photography into corporations and homes in urban centers to increase people’s wellness with the scientifically proven health benefits of viewing nature. Starting with a permanent collection at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. She
gives part of sale proceeds back to environmental charities. This venture combines her photographic talent and her experience in psychology and coaching. From 2010-2016 Rebecca coached clients and mentored change-making youth and inner city women on four continents with people from over 30 countries. Rebecca was a partner consultant at AIG-funded startup Human Condition Safety, she collaborated with the Dalai Lama Fellows, and she was a select coach in a program for United Nations Leadership Development program for senior UN management globally. She has also been a Volunteer Ambassador as a photographer for the Opus Award-winning St. Luke Foundation in Haiti.