Jinjoo Han

Postdoctoral Associate

Jinjoo Han is a Postdoctoral Associate of PACH. She received her doctorate in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from New York University with a focus on quantitative research methods. Her research focuses on understanding the role of proximal social processes in both the school and home settings for effecting educational change. She has previously worked on projects examining: 1) the relationship between child temperament, parent-child relationships, and home-based involvement among low-income, urban kindergarten children; 2) the relation of pre-K process quality defined as the quality of teacher-child interactions to children's academic trajectories throughout middle childhood; and 3) the role of elementary school and home quality in supporting sustained effects of pre-K process quality. She aims to use quantitative research methods to uncover a deeper understanding of the developmental trajectories of children's socialization skills in the classroom setting to positively impact education practice and policy.