Anusuya Rangarajan

Dr. Anu Rangarajan has been on the faculty of Horticulture at Cornell University since 1996. She serves as the Statewide Fresh Market Vegetable Specialist and conducts a grant-funded research and extension program focused on environmental and economic sustainability of vegetable farms in the Northeast. Her current research focus is on reduced tillage systems for vegetables to improve soil health while maintaining crop quality and yields. She also directs the Cornell Small Farm Program ( The program’s mission is to help farmers get expert assistance to facilitate all phases of small farm business development, from startup to growth to maturity. Through collaborations with Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators and other service providers, the program provides online and face to face training on numerous topics, including new farm development, helping veterans enter agriculture, expanding wholesale marketing and local food systems, building soil health, and supporting mushroom and livestock production. She has two new projects that might be of interest to other attendees: 1) creating pathways for Latino farm employees to move into management and ownership of farms; 2) building social sustainability of farms.