Farai Chideya-Chihota

Farai Chideya-Chihota has combined media, technology, and diversity during her 20-year career as an award-winning author and journalist. She focuses on a near-future lens to current issues, looking at the 2-to-5 year window ahead on issues from jobs to technology; race relations to artistic innovation. Chideya contributes on-air, online, and in print to outlets including but not limited to The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe RootWNYCBET, and MSNBC. Now a Distinguished Writer in Residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, Chideya teaches radio journalism and is active in campus organizations championing student and faculty diversity. Previously, she taught as a spring 2012 fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics; and was a 2010-2011 Leader in Residence at the Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies. She is a member of private and public leadership groups and seminars examining the intersection of technology, journalism, and social entrepreneurship, including The Do School, Summit Series, and Spark Camp.