John Jackson

John Jackson is an independent public affairs strategist and author with twenty years experience of running major international campaigns. He has had extensive involvement at every level of public advocacy: working in areas of conflict, lobbying senior level government and launching high profile campaigns.  

He was co-founder and Director of the Burma Campaign, Vice President of Social Responsibility at MTV International and is currently a Special Advisor to Purpose (a social enterprise that builds new movements).  

He has helped in the development of some of the key campaigns of recent years: Burmese democracy, landmines, poor country debt, child bonded labor, world bank/IMF reform, low wage workers' rights, and housing rights.

John has worked with: Ashoka, BOND, Russell Brand, Crisis Action, Global Witness,  Fire Brigades Union, Ogilvy, Purpose, The Syria Campaign, Transparency International, Uprising, Walk Free and Y&R, among many others.  

John is co-author of Small Acts of Resistance: How Courage, Tenacity and a bit of Ingenuity can Change the World (Sterling Publishing, 2010).