Blair Emily Miller

Blair Emily Miller is a Vice President at the MDG Health Alliance, where she focuses on private sector solutions to reach the Millennium Development Goals, with a particular focus on working with emerging market philanthropists and creating local demand for life saving products and services.  Prior to MDG Health Alliance, Blair spent five years at Acumen Fund, a non-profit venture capital fund that invests in enterprises that serve the poor in India, Pakistan, and West and East Africa. Her past experience includes working at Ashoka where worked on a deal between a micro-finance bank and a health insurance company to deliver micro-health insurance in India, and supporting the development of a fund to invest in small- and medium-sized enterprises for Care in Central America. She is dedicated to talent development and, as such, is on the Executive Board of Venture for America, the Alumni Board of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and an advisor to the Africa Advisory Group.