Marianne Schnall

Marianne Schnall is a widely published writer and interviewer whose writings and interviews have appeared in a variety of media outlets including O, The Oprah Magazine,, In Style,,, Psychology Today, the Women’s Media Center and many others. Marianne is a featured blogger at The Huffington Post and a contributor to the nationally syndicated NPR radio show, 51 percent: The Women's Perspective. She is also the co-founder and executive director of the women's website and non-profit organization, as well as the co-founder of the environmental site She is the author of Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness, and Finding Your Own Voice (Blue Mountain Arts, 2010) and her new book What Will it Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership, and Power (Seal Press, 2013). Through her writings, interviews and websites, Schnall strives to raise awareness and inspire activism around important issues and causes.